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“Trash The Dress” is a second chance for a bride to wear THE dress one last time! A trend that is growing in popularity, takes the happy couple to an unconventional location, beach, playground, fairground etc, for a fun yet stunning photo shoot.

I have locations in mind for Trash the Dress shoots, but if you have a place that is close to your heart or a place that you think will make amazing photographs please do not be afraid to suggest!

We can be as messy, creative or silly as you like with this session. You don’t actually HAVE to trash your dress, we can simply take stunning photographs with beautiful backdrops.

If you do want to trash your dress there are many ways to do this! The most popular is a powder paint session!

A Trash the Dress session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Included in the price is one 10 x 8 print of your choice
From £135

Additional purchases such as prints, acrylics and digital files can be made. Please visit the Love Investment page for full pricing details.

To make a booking visit the Make a booking page.

For help and tips on what to wear, visit the What to wear page.

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