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Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman life. With your ever changing body and your growing excitement, its the perfect time to create heartfelt images that you will cherish for ever.

This is a photographic sitting that concentrates on you and your bump.
Come along in your favourite outfit and or underwear to show off your lovely growing tummy.

The Blooming Lovely session can be booked as soon as you reach your 20th week of pregnancy and the session is typically carried out around your 34th week. At this stage your bump is nice and formed but you are still comfortable enough to enjoy the experience.

Your partner and or children may also be included in this session.
One 10 x 8 print is included from the session.


Additional purchases such as prints, acrylics and digital files can be made. Please visit the Hushabye Investment page for full pricing details.

To make a booking visit the Make a booking page.

For help and tips on what to wear, visit the What to wear page.

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Not normally a fan of myself in photos, but I’m in love with my maternity ones! Can’t stop looking at them. Joanne is fabulous…made me feel comfortable and treat me like she’d known me years! Such an amazing service and already know I’m coming back for future shoots! Cannot thank her enough…nor recommend her enough! Definitely wont be trying anyone else in future. ♥ Xxx
Ana-Marie Steele 5 stars